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Hi, may I, first of all, thank you to visit my website. I am an E&I engineer with over 25 years of experience in the oil & gas and agro-food industry.

Although I did my studies in electronics engineering with a speciality in automation, I especially developed my career in the E&I domain.

Throughout my career as a project engineer, I designed, built and commissioned both entirely new plants and modernizations of existing plants in different countries. Also maintenance is not unknown to me since I was responsible for the maintenance of the E&I systems in an agro-food company for several years. But in the end I went back to my first love, being engineering. So now I’m an expert on E&I at the engineering department of a company in the oil & gas business.

My passion for measuring devices has led to build this website.

Please feel free to have a look around. If you have not found what you were looking for, please send a message via the contact form. I’ll try as soon as possible to send a reply or you will find the answer in one of the future articles which will be published.

Target audience

At first, I look at students who want to make a career in E&I engineering to give them a little more information about working with instrumentation in practice.

Also young professionals with a first work experience in the E&I sector can extend their knowledge and gain new insights into the functioning and use of instrumentation.

Furthermore, I welcome anyone with broad interests who wants to know more about measuring devices and valves.


It is not the intention of this website to handle any kind of instrument. In the industry there are a number of process parameters which are typically the most frequently measured and controlled. It are these most common measuring devices and control valves that are the subject of this website.

For proper understanding, I try to clarify the working principle and properties of instruments and valves. If possible, use is made of animations to present it somewhat more visually.

Selecting the right device for the application is covered and how the device needs to be mounted.

Using the related topics on each page, every kind of instrument that relates to the topic of the page can be explored in depth, or matters that are indirectly linked to the subject can be discussed.

Instrupaedia also offers numerous Excel datasheet templates to specify different types of measuring devices. The templates can be freely filled in using drop-down lists. Different versions of the templates are available for small, medium and large projects.

Last but not least, if some technical terms sound like slang to you, there is a terminology section where you can find an explanation for many technical terms used in the jargon of the E&I community.

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